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New Opera- Choir Practice!
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CBC radio interview on North by Northwest

Vancouver Sun Preview

Vancouver Sun Review 'The Transformative Power of Song' was the headline in print:

and the youtube link to the censorsed Hanky Panky aria:

"Stephen Chatman is now the dean of B.C. composers"
---David Gordon Duke, Vancouver Sun
"Stephen Chatman has found such favour in choral circles"
---Elissa Poole,
Opus Magazine
"Proud Music of the Storm is a very effective skilfully written got a huge ovation"
Lloyd Dykk, Vancouver Sun
Cover Photo

“One of the country’s most successful composers”
---John Terauds, Toronto Star

"Stephen Chatman writes bright, expressive, eminently accessible fare that's easy on the ear and good for the soul"
--- American Record Guide
"Chatman has written a concerto that will surely become part of the clarinettist's standard repertoire"
--- The Clarinet
"A gifted composer... appealing, evocative"
--- San Francisco Chronicle

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